Serbia/Montenegro (Jugoslavien)

Sava class SSK: 2

Serbisk ubåd af Sava-klassen

Name Builder Laid down Søsat In service Notes
S 831 Sava Split SY -75 -77 -78 Tivat
S 832 Drava Split SY -77 - - udfaset 2003

JFS 07/08: Montenegros flåde opererer ubåden 831 Sava ved Tivat. Drava blev udfaset i 2003.


Heroj class SSK: 3

Sutjeska class SS: 2

Den jugoslaviske ubåd Sutjeska

P 811 Sutjeska Uljanik SY, Pula -57 28-9-58 -9-60 udfaset 1987
P 812 Neretva Uljanik SY, Pula -57 -59 -62 udfaset 1987



The Yugoslav navy developed its own submarine-building capability during the 1960s. In 1990, the main combat units of the submarine service were three Heroj-class patrol submarines armed with 533-mm torpedoes. Two smaller Sava-class units entered service in the late 1970s. Two Sutjeska-class submarines had been relegated mainly to training missions by 1990. At that time the navy had apparently shifted to construction of versatile midget submarines. Four Una-class midgets and four Mala-class swimmer delivery vehicles were in service in the late 1980s. They were built for use by underwater demolition teams and special forces. The Una-class boats carried five crewmen, eight combat swimmers, four Mala vehicles, and limpet mines. The Mala vehicles in turn carried two swimmers and 250 kilograms of mines.